call of duty mobile tips for beginners

Call of Duty Mobile breaks all records and has been downloaded millions of times from the app stores for iOS and Android. If you also want to jump into the mobile shooter, we have collected for you some call of duty mobile tips for beginners to help you get started.

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can choose between Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes . But no matter which mode you choose, with our call of duty mobile tips you are well prepared and ready to go into battle.

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call of duty mobile tips and tricks

All you need to know about call of duty mobile

General Tips for Call of Duty Mobile

  • Do not shoot from the hip. This is too inaccurate and betrays your position. Get used to always using the sight when shooting.
  • Join a clan as soon as possible. Alone for the experience points bonus, this is already worth it. Use our comment feature to find other players!
  • There are both weapon skins and weapon camouflage in the game . While the skins give you extra bonuses, the camouflage is purely cosmetic. Consider this when equipping!
  • In the game, you can communicate with your team or just as useful to mute loud players. Use the corresponding buttons, which you will find next to the map screen.

There is either a simple or an advanced control method. Since the auto-fire function of the simple variant is quite a munitions waster, you should use the advanced version as possible. Also play around with the sensitivity for the camera until you find the perfect setting for you.

Not only limited to your main weapon, but also uses the grenades and side weapons in your loadout to decide the decisive firefight in your favor.
Collect your rewards For level climbs you get these automatically, but for season and event rewards you must first visit the corresponding area in the main menu.
In the menu jumble of mobile games you can easily get lost. Check regularly all buttons that have a! -Symbol.

Tips for the multiplayer

Before you go into the fight against other players, you also have the choice of filling up a match with AI opponents. That way, you can get used to the game or try new weapons. You do not get that much experience here, of course.

  • You do not have to choose a fixed loadout per match. Also between deaths you have the chance to change them and adapt them to the situation. So prepare yourself in advance for several loadouts!
  • Speaking of loadouts: These are only limited to the multiplayer modes. So you do not have to spare yourself seats for Battle Royale mode.
  • Do not forget to use your point serial items! In the heat of the moment you can forget it. So fire your drones and missiles if you have the chance.
  • Get to know the cards and maybe play a few laps against the AI. So you get to know about good sniper positions.
  • Customize your loadouts after each new level upgrade. Because then you unlock new weapons and essays to improve your arsenal.
  • There are mission-based and point-based modes in the game. Choose the ones you enjoy most!
  • If you want more loadout slots , you just have to level. This frees up more and more space for alternative loadouts.

Tips for Battle Royale

  • When opening boxes, you record all contents automatically. If you carry a lot already, you should leave remaining boxes to your team members who still need equipment.
  • While there are many classes to choose from, they are not that strong yet. It’s more the items you find on the battlefield that make the difference.
  • You can revive your team members! To do this, you just pick up their dog tags and then pop them up again. But you should not leave the catchment area if they are outside the circle, because that ends fatally for you.
  • Although teamwork is not as important as in other Battle Royale games, you should always stay together to increase your chances of winning.
  • You automatically pick up items on the battlefield when you are near them. Even if you aim items directly with the camera, they are automatically canceled.
  • Unlike other games in this genre, you should always move quickly towards the center of the circle. The circle narrows quickly and waiting too long does not end well for you.
  • Your loadouts from multiplayer modes have a purely cosmetic purpose in Battle Royale. As usual, you must find all the equipment on the battlefield.

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call of duty mobile tips and tricks

call of duty mobile tips and tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is available from October 1,2019 on Android and iOS devices. We’ll show you what’s important at the start and have 5 essential tips.

Finally the time has come. Call of Duty Mobile is outside and is thus the first part of the long-standing series, which is playable on mobile devices. We have call of duty mobile tips and tricks for you to make the perfect start.

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All you need to know about call of duty mobile

how to play call of duty mobile in pc


Aiming finally differentiates a good Call of Duty player from an average. Of course, in the mobile version, the goal is not exactly the same as on the conventional platforms.

As soon as you start Call of Duty Mobile for the first time, a little tutorial awaits you on the Map Firing Range. In this tutorial you will also be able to try out the two target settings:

  • Simple Mode : Your weapon immediately starts firing from the hip as you aim at the opponent.
  • Extended Mode : Here you can aim more accurately and even make single shots – especially helpful at long range

It’s best to try both variants and then choose the one that suits you best. Once you’ve got yourself into a shot, it’s usually hard to get used to it. Check your style of play and choose wisely.


While playing Call of Duty Mobile you will generate some experience points (XP). Through this XP, you will increase in level and thus unlock new equipment. In addition to essays for your weapons, you also get elemental items such as grenades or perks on each level up.


Once you have confidence in your targeting abilities, you should watch as you move on the battlefield. Changing angles, paths and your speed are good ways to avoid getting hit so easily.


So far, there are 9 different cards in Call of Duty Mobile. For experienced Call of Duty players, these maps are already known. From Nuketown to Hijacked, there are some classics. It is also important for new players to memorize the maps. Know the spawn points of the opponents and know where on the map you are safe.


Lastly, you should always be aware of when and, most importantly, where you use your shooting series. It’s best to always find a safe place before using your Predator missile. In the open field, you would die very quickly in the field.

All you need to know about call of duty mobile

All you need to know about call of duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is now available for download on iOS and Android.

The launch of the mobile offshoot of the shooter series is imminent and we tell you everything you need to know about it.

For you, this means that you can play Call of Duty against others on the go on a compatible smartphone or tablet.

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Call of Duty Mobile: The best 5 weapons

When will Call of Duty Mobile appear?

From October 1st, Call of Duty Mobile will be available for iOS and Android.

How much is the fun?

You can download Call of Duty Mobile for free. The game is financed via in-app purchases, with prices ranging from € 1.09 to € 109.99.

Is there Battle Royale?

Yes! Call of Duty Mobile includes a Battle Royale mode for up to 100 players. You can play in solo, duo and quad variations, using first or third person perspectives, choosing one of six classes and using vehicles.

What game modes and content are there?

Besides Battle Royale you can expect Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Dominaion, Gun Game and Seach & Destroy. You play on maps like Nuketown, Hijacked, Crash and others.

You can also climb up in rank and unlock various familiar Call of Duty characters, including John “Soap” MacTavish, Simon “Ghost” Riley and “Alex Mason.

Which options are there?

You can customize the controls and after the short tutorial you can create up to five different loadouts with primary and secondary weapons, soldier type, operator skill, equipment and three perks. Each operator in the game also has three Scorestreaks to earn in the game by knocking out enemies and completing tasks.

What device do I need to play, what are the system requirements of Call of Duty Mobile?

On Android devices, you need at least 2 GB of RAM and Android 5.1 (Lollipop) as the operating system to play Call of Duty Mobile.

IOS requires at least operating system version 9.0. iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 and iPod Touch are not supported.

Where can I download Call of Duty Mobile?

You can find the shooter both in the Google Play Store for Android and in the Apple App Store for iOS.

how to play call of duty mobile in pc

how to play call of duty mobile in pc

Call of Duty Mobile is the latest mobile device hit. But if you prefer to gamble on a PC with a mouse and a keyboard instead of a smartphone, then there is a trick on how you can play call of duty mobile on your PC.

Call of Duty: Mobile is exactly the game that Activision has been waiting for , because it is immensely successful. Call of Duty Mobile is the official offshoot of the PC series for mobile devices. Soon the beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare will start on the PC.

If you prefer to play Call of Duty Mobile on the PC, here’s how to do it.

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Call of Duty Mobile: The best 5 weapons

How to play Call of Duty: Play Mobile on the PC with mouse and keyboard

For the installation one uses the English-language emulator GameLoop. GameLoop is currently available in English, but Call of Duty: Mobile is easy to play.

GameLoop can be downloaded from the official site .

Go to Gameloop’s site and download the setup.

  • Then you start Gameloop: Call of Duty: Mobile should be highlighted – otherwise you will find a function on the top left to search for the game.
  • Now you press the “Install” option, Gameloop will download and install around 1.2 GB of data.
  • Then you can start the game by clicking on “Play” via the tab “My Games”.

Is the emulator recognized by the game?

Call of Duty: Mobile recognizes players who use an emulator to play. Call of Duty: Mobile puts these players in their own lobby, so you play against people who also use an emulator.

If you are invited by a friend who plays on your smartphone, you play against a mixed group of players (smartphone and emulator).

Many now play Call of Duty: Mobile, but some players want official controller support. So it is just about the controller support:

Call of Duty Mobile: The best 5 weapons

Call of Duty Mobile: The best 5 weapons

In Call of Duty Mobile you should get better weapons as early as possible. But this is not so easy, because you have to buy them with the ingame credits and they do not deserve her so fast. That’s why we show you the best weapons for which you should save your hard-earned credits.

Activision brings “Call of Duty: Mobile” on the market, so you’ll soon be able to experience CoD action on your smartphone. The developers return many familiar content from previous parts of the series, such as popular maps, weapons, game modes, and familiar characters. At this point we collect all information, news and trailers about the game.

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Especially if you do not want to invest real money in the in-game COD points, you should budget with your credits. Save it up and do not spend it on cosmetic stuff like skins and stickers. These bring you playfully not further. You should save the credits for the best weapons!

The best weapons in COD Mobile that are worth your credits

You get credits in the game for just about everything, but the amounts are not that high. Log in to the game daily, level up, and meet the daily and weekly challenges to increase your credit account. Of course, you should also level the Battle Pass, which you can also unlock with Credits.

Still, it will take you a long time to get the best weapons. So save at least 1,500 credits to give you good creaking. In order to earn extra credits, it makes sense to watch the in-game commercials. Sometimes there are loot boxes for it.

On the following pages we show you the weapons for which you should save your money in Call of Duty Mobile. Alternatively use the following list in which we link the best 5 weapons for call of duty mobile:

  • LK24 (assault rifle)
  • UL736 (Lightweight MG)
  • PDW (MP)
  • AK117 (assault rifle)
  • Striker (shotgun)