Call of Duty Mobile: The best 5 weapons

Call of Duty Mobile: The best 5 weapons

In Call of Duty Mobile you should get better weapons as early as possible. But this is not so easy, because you have to buy them with the ingame credits and they do not deserve her so fast. That’s why we show you the best weapons for which you should save your hard-earned credits.

Activision brings “Call of Duty: Mobile” on the market, so you’ll soon be able to experience CoD action on your smartphone. The developers return many familiar content from previous parts of the series, such as popular maps, weapons, game modes, and familiar characters. At this point we collect all information, news and trailers about the game.

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Especially if you do not want to invest real money in the in-game COD points, you should budget with your credits. Save it up and do not spend it on cosmetic stuff like skins and stickers. These bring you playfully not further. You should save the credits for the best weapons!

The best weapons in COD Mobile that are worth your credits

You get credits in the game for just about everything, but the amounts are not that high. Log in to the game daily, level up, and meet the daily and weekly challenges to increase your credit account. Of course, you should also level the Battle Pass, which you can also unlock with Credits.

Still, it will take you a long time to get the best weapons. So save at least 1,500 credits to give you good creaking. In order to earn extra credits, it makes sense to watch the in-game commercials. Sometimes there are loot boxes for it.

On the following pages we show you the weapons for which you should save your money in Call of Duty Mobile. Alternatively use the following list in which we link the best 5 weapons for call of duty mobile:

  • LK24 (assault rifle)
  • UL736 (Lightweight MG)
  • PDW (MP)
  • AK117 (assault rifle)
  • Striker (shotgun)

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