call of duty mobile tips and tricks

call of duty mobile tips and tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is available from October 1,2019 on Android and iOS devices. We’ll show you what’s important at the start and have 5 essential tips.

Finally the time has come. Call of Duty Mobile is outside and is thus the first part of the long-standing series, which is playable on mobile devices. We have call of duty mobile tips and tricks for you to make the perfect start.

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Aiming finally differentiates a good Call of Duty player from an average. Of course, in the mobile version, the goal is not exactly the same as on the conventional platforms.

As soon as you start Call of Duty Mobile for the first time, a little tutorial awaits you on the Map Firing Range. In this tutorial you will also be able to try out the two target settings:

  • Simple Mode : Your weapon immediately starts firing from the hip as you aim at the opponent.
  • Extended Mode : Here you can aim more accurately and even make single shots – especially helpful at long range

It’s best to try both variants and then choose the one that suits you best. Once you’ve got yourself into a shot, it’s usually hard to get used to it. Check your style of play and choose wisely.


While playing Call of Duty Mobile you will generate some experience points (XP). Through this XP, you will increase in level and thus unlock new equipment. In addition to essays for your weapons, you also get elemental items such as grenades or perks on each level up.


Once you have confidence in your targeting abilities, you should watch as you move on the battlefield. Changing angles, paths and your speed are good ways to avoid getting hit so easily.


So far, there are 9 different cards in Call of Duty Mobile. For experienced Call of Duty players, these maps are already known. From Nuketown to Hijacked, there are some classics. It is also important for new players to memorize the maps. Know the spawn points of the opponents and know where on the map you are safe.


Lastly, you should always be aware of when and, most importantly, where you use your shooting series. It’s best to always find a safe place before using your Predator missile. In the open field, you would die very quickly in the field.

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