call of duty mobile tips for beginners

call of duty mobile tips for beginners

Call of Duty Mobile breaks all records and has been downloaded millions of times from the app stores for iOS and Android. If you also want to jump into the mobile shooter, we have collected for you some call of duty mobile tips for beginners to help you get started.

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can choose between Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes . But no matter which mode you choose, with our call of duty mobile tips you are well prepared and ready to go into battle.

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All you need to know about call of duty mobile

General Tips for Call of Duty Mobile

  • Do not shoot from the hip. This is too inaccurate and betrays your position. Get used to always using the sight when shooting.
  • Join a clan as soon as possible. Alone for the experience points bonus, this is already worth it. Use our comment feature to find other players!
  • There are both weapon skins and weapon camouflage in the game . While the skins give you extra bonuses, the camouflage is purely cosmetic. Consider this when equipping!
  • In the game, you can communicate with your team or just as useful to mute loud players. Use the corresponding buttons, which you will find next to the map screen.

There is either a simple or an advanced control method. Since the auto-fire function of the simple variant is quite a munitions waster, you should use the advanced version as possible. Also play around with the sensitivity for the camera until you find the perfect setting for you.

Not only limited to your main weapon, but also uses the grenades and side weapons in your loadout to decide the decisive firefight in your favor.
Collect your rewards For level climbs you get these automatically, but for season and event rewards you must first visit the corresponding area in the main menu.
In the menu jumble of mobile games you can easily get lost. Check regularly all buttons that have a! -Symbol.

Tips for the multiplayer

Before you go into the fight against other players, you also have the choice of filling up a match with AI opponents. That way, you can get used to the game or try new weapons. You do not get that much experience here, of course.

  • You do not have to choose a fixed loadout per match. Also between deaths you have the chance to change them and adapt them to the situation. So prepare yourself in advance for several loadouts!
  • Speaking of loadouts: These are only limited to the multiplayer modes. So you do not have to spare yourself seats for Battle Royale mode.
  • Do not forget to use your point serial items! In the heat of the moment you can forget it. So fire your drones and missiles if you have the chance.
  • Get to know the cards and maybe play a few laps against the AI. So you get to know about good sniper positions.
  • Customize your loadouts after each new level upgrade. Because then you unlock new weapons and essays to improve your arsenal.
  • There are mission-based and point-based modes in the game. Choose the ones you enjoy most!
  • If you want more loadout slots , you just have to level. This frees up more and more space for alternative loadouts.

Tips for Battle Royale

  • When opening boxes, you record all contents automatically. If you carry a lot already, you should leave remaining boxes to your team members who still need equipment.
  • While there are many classes to choose from, they are not that strong yet. It’s more the items you find on the battlefield that make the difference.
  • You can revive your team members! To do this, you just pick up their dog tags and then pop them up again. But you should not leave the catchment area if they are outside the circle, because that ends fatally for you.
  • Although teamwork is not as important as in other Battle Royale games, you should always stay together to increase your chances of winning.
  • You automatically pick up items on the battlefield when you are near them. Even if you aim items directly with the camera, they are automatically canceled.
  • Unlike other games in this genre, you should always move quickly towards the center of the circle. The circle narrows quickly and waiting too long does not end well for you.
  • Your loadouts from multiplayer modes have a purely cosmetic purpose in Battle Royale. As usual, you must find all the equipment on the battlefield.

Do you have any other tips for Call of Duty Mobile that you want to share with other players? Then she writes us in the comments.

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