how to play call of duty mobile in pc

how to play call of duty mobile in pc

Call of Duty Mobile is the latest mobile device hit. But if you prefer to gamble on a PC with a mouse and a keyboard instead of a smartphone, then there is a trick on how you can play call of duty mobile on your PC.

Call of Duty: Mobile is exactly the game that Activision has been waiting for , because it is immensely successful. Call of Duty Mobile is the official offshoot of the PC series for mobile devices. Soon the beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare will start on the PC.

If you prefer to play Call of Duty Mobile on the PC, here’s how to do it.

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How to play Call of Duty: Play Mobile on the PC with mouse and keyboard

For the installation one uses the English-language emulator GameLoop. GameLoop is currently available in English, but Call of Duty: Mobile is easy to play.

GameLoop can be downloaded from the official site .

Go to Gameloop’s site and download the setup.

  • Then you start Gameloop: Call of Duty: Mobile should be highlighted – otherwise you will find a function on the top left to search for the game.
  • Now you press the “Install” option, Gameloop will download and install around 1.2 GB of data.
  • Then you can start the game by clicking on “Play” via the tab “My Games”.

Is the emulator recognized by the game?

Call of Duty: Mobile recognizes players who use an emulator to play. Call of Duty: Mobile puts these players in their own lobby, so you play against people who also use an emulator.

If you are invited by a friend who plays on your smartphone, you play against a mixed group of players (smartphone and emulator).

Many now play Call of Duty: Mobile, but some players want official controller support. So it is just about the controller support:

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